How to Get Real Customers Talking About Your Brand on Video

In the marketing world, few strategies are as impactful as the words that come from your customers.

No amount of advertising can match the influence of real people advocating for your brand. 


You’re in a dog park chatting about pet food with other owners. One woman mentions trying a new brand that gives her dog more energy and a shiner coat. After a few minutes, you’re invested. So when you get home that evening, you search for the brand online and order a bag.


These organic interactions with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers are the essence of authentic word-of-mouth marketing. 

As a brand, nothing is more powerful. 

How do you translate the power of word-of-mouth to your website? 

The answer lies in UGC video reviews


Bringing Real-Life Conversations Online

Video reviews are the bridge connecting in-person conversations to the web. 

They let online shoppers see and hear real customers’ genuine thoughts. It’s like having a friend recommend (or not recommend) a product or service directly to you. 

When it’s online, it amplifies the impact. Reviews become more widely accessible and easier to share with a wider audience. 


UGC video reviews help build trust in way text-based reviews can’t.


So, placing video reviews on product pages can make all the difference for brands. 

How? Think of them as interactive social proof, reassuring shoppers that your products are worth the investment. 

UGC video reviews help build trust in a way text-based reviews can’t. 

The result is an increase in online sales and conversions. 


How to Encourage Real Customers to Talk About Your Brand


So, how do you get real people talking about your brand in a customer video? There are a few strategies you can start using today.


Get Real People Talking About Your Brand


1. Loyalty and Affiliate Programs

Tap into your most loyal customers for positive video reviews. Incentivize repeat shoppers with exclusive benefits, discounts and rewards in exchange for a video talking about their experience with your products. 



2. Product Sampling

Send free samples to customers and encourage them to create video reviews based on their authentic experiences. This a great way to get UGC videos like product unboxings, video reviews and try-on hauls. 


image of a man opening product samples


3. QR Codes and Vanity URLs

Create simple QR codes or vanity URLs that lead customers to review platforms where they can record a video. 

Include QR codes and URLs on: 

  • Receipts 
  • Packaging inserts
  • Product labels or tags
  • In-store displays (if applicable)


picture of a QR code on a reciept



4. SMS Marketing

Meet your customers directly at their fingertips. Send SMS text messages to your shoppers’ phones with a link directing them to a review platform. Make it easy for them to record from their smartphones – they’re likelier to do it! 


image of an sms marketing text



Get Real Customers to Record UGC Video Reviews

In a world saturated with ads, real customers’ voices stand out.

UGC video reviews translate personal conversations into shareable content that gives online shoppers confidence. 

Now you know how to get customers talking, the next step is to produce the videos. 

StoryTap is an end-to-end video platform that automates the production and distribution of UGC video reviews. 

The video technology is designed for eCommerce performance. Seamlessly embed the video reviews to PDPs via a single line of code. Then turn the videos shoppable to drive conversion.

For maximum ROI, leverage StoryTap’s advanced video analytics to track and analyze your video performance. 

Book a demo today to start getting real customers talking about your brand on video. 


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