4 Reasons Your DTC Site Needs Video Reviews on PDPs

Have you ever watched a product review on your feed that influenced you to buy something?

If you’re like most online shoppers, the answer is all the time. 

Social media is flooded with thousands of user-generated videos (UGC videos) that get people invested in new products and brands. Think viral beauty products that have taken TikTok by storm. 


products that have gone viral on tiktok


So, it’s no wonder marketers are adopting this strategy to increase sales on their direct-to-consumer (DTC) sites. 

The most successful marketers are using UGC videos where it counts – on their product pages (PDP). 

While almost every eCommerce store today features text reviews, they aren’t as effective as they once were. Today’s shoppers crave authenticity.

It’s why UGC video reviews by real customers hit home.


The most successful marketers are using UGC videos where it counts - on product pages.


Tapping into the voices of real people helps establish trust and credibility that gives shoppers the confidence to buy. 

But beyond that, customer video reviews can significantly impact your bottom line. 


Here are 4 Reasons Your DTC Site Needs Video Reviews on PDPs


4 Reasons Your DTC Site Needs Video Reviews


1. Build Customer Trust

As mentioned above, customer video reviews add a layer of authenticity to your product pages. When shoppers can see and hear real people, it humanizes your brand and reassures them you’re worth the investment. 

Combining both text and video reviews on PDPs helps boost the impact of positive reviews that much quicker. 

After all, trustworthy social proof is everything in the buying decision process.


video reviews with text reviews


2. Increase Critical Website Data

The majority of marketers focus on driving traffic to their DTC sites. But few focus on keeping people there, which is the real goal when converting shoppers. 

Adding binge-worthy videos to PDPs is an excellent strategy to keep people engaged longer. Videos are linked to increasing critical web data, with 87% of marketers saying video increased dwell time on their site. 

Videos also improve metrics like time spent on page, session duration and bounce rates, making video reviews valuable to your website. 


3. Improve Conversion Rates

For most brands, conversion rate is the most important web metric of all. Adding video reviews on your PDPs is an excellent strategy for getting shoppers to take your desired action. 75% of people say they’d buy more from websites with video reviews on their product pages. 

For one, they’re trustworthy, engaging and authentic.  They give shoppers the social proof they need to buy with confidence. 

Secondly, you can optimize them to drive action by turning video reviews shoppable. With shoppable videos, you can direct viewers to where to buy without making them take additional steps. 

Leading brands using StoryTap’s video review tech have seen an impressive +40% increase in site conversions among video viewers. 


40% increase in site conversions among video viewers.


4. Create Content for Social Media

The reality today is that most of your shoppers will find your brand or products on social media. So, it’s important to post quality content they can discover on their feed. 

A popular strategy is hooking people in with UGC videos on social media and then leading them to your site PDPs.

However, producing ongoing UGC content can be challenging. It’s why video reviews are so effective. 

When you encourage real customers to talk about your brand on video, you get tons of UGC content to repurpose on social. Thus, you can keep up with the demand for video, expand your reach and drive traffic to your DTC site. 


Produce Video Reviews for Your DTC Site PDPs

Adding video reviews on PDPs is a must in 2023. From building customer trust to driving conversion, video reviews are valuable tools for enhancing the online shopping experience. And they’re quickly becoming the new way to shop online. 

But it takes more than one video to convert shoppers into buyers. Brands need to produce as many videos as they can get. 

StoryTap is an end-to-end video platform that automates the production and distribution of UGC video reviews. 

Brands can embed video reviews to their site via a single line of code without affecting PDP load time. All videos are optimized for video SEO to drive quality traffic back to the site. Plus, StoryTap has integrations with social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok to make repurposing content seamless. 

Book a demo today to learn more about producing and distributing video reviews to your DTC site.

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