What is a Customer Self-Service Portal?

A customer self-service portal is a section of an organization’s website that offers information to help customers find answers to their questions. Brands will typically share resources, such as frequently asked questions (FAQ), to help customers get info without relying on call centers. 

Why Use Videos in a Customer Self-Service Portal?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think of just how impactful a video can be – especially when it comes to explaining things that are tech-related or difficult to describe without visuals. What can be conveyed in a 30-second video far exceeds what is conveyed in a wall of text on a FAQ page. 

Self-service videos like FAQ videos can be created to answer your customers common questions in a self-service portal. This lets your customers find the answers to their queries and issues without having to phone in or email a help desk.

Not only does this save their time, but it also saves on company resources (for Telus, a StoryTap client, implementing a FAQ video library resulted in a 20% decrease in call-in rates over just the first few weeks).

Stats show that 73% of customer support staff are at risk of burnout, so it goes without saying that self-service video can be a worthwhile investment in terms of company resources and staff wellbeing. 

Implementing a frequently asked question video library reduced call in rates by 20% in a few weeks.

Plus, your customers want to help themselves. According to recent stats, 69% of customers prefer to attempt to solve their own problems before reaching out to support. 

4 Types of Self-Service Videos That Help Businesses

FAQ Videos

Bridge the gap between your staff and your customers with FAQ videos. This is a simple way to answer commonly-asked questions (like how to install, reboot, or change the battery on a tech product, how to properly apply a beauty product, how to assemble a piece of furniture, etc). 

Demonstration Videos

These showcase your product and how it works. A demo video has unlimited possibilities, it could show customers first-hand how to use software or play a video game; it could highlight the fabric and details of a clothing item, or it could even show the streak-free end result of a self-tanner.

Educational / Tutorial Videos

Quickly tell your consumers more about your brand’s product or service and why they need it. This is similar to a demonstration video but may even feature a testimonial or dive a little bit deeper into features, functionality, or methods. As a bonus: Engaging educational videos can also be a useful tool for your sales team. 

Voice of Consumer (VOC) Videos

Let your own customers help your brand shine by having them provide answers to questions (from potential customers) about your product or service. These are generally simple questions: Does this garment fit small or true to size? Is this product waterproof? Is this toy suitable for its targeted age group? Is it easy to clean?

Why FAQ Videos Should Be a Part of Your Customer Self-Service Portal

Here are just a few ways that video can benefit your FAQ page or customer self-service portal:

  • Improve the overall customer experience with helpful information that is quick and engaging.
  • Answer specific customer questions so your call center isn’t bombarded, while reducing costs (Some of our StoryTap clients put the cost to the call center at $10/phone call!) 
  • Provide extra context for online purchases, especially in instances where customers can’t try on or handle an item in person. 
  • Increase online visibility on Google and other search engines. Video provides SEO benefits that help your website and product pages rank higher, making you more discoverable (and ultimately increasing your website traffic).

Make your customer’s user experience as seamless as possible and they’ll respect you much more for it. You might even encourage repeat business and brand loyalty through self-service videos on your page—a win-win for you and your customers. Your customers would rather find an answer quickly on their own rather than wait on hold at a call center. Their time is valuable – don’t waste it.

Upgrade Your Customer Self-Service Portal With Storytap

StoryTap’s patented video platform that enables brands to easily produce and distribute self-service videos from real customers and employees at scale. Invite your customers to ask questions or offer authentic solutions and answers in a brand-designed format. With customized storylines and an ultra user-friendly platform, anyone can feel comfortable filming their answer. 

​​Schedule a demo and we’ll show you how StoryTap can turbocharge your brand growth, keep your customers happy, and transition in-person customer service to self-service. 

Looking for more info about self-service? Download our Digital Customer Experience Report today!

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