3 Reasons Telecom Companies Need FAQ Videos like Yesterday

Building customer loyalty is challenging in any industry, especially for telecom companies. When you’ve got a product that nearly every consumer worldwide uses, you need a secret weapon to build a loyal brand following. 

In today’s world, that’s customer experience.  

How helpful your customer support team is can mean the difference between a consumer staying loyal to your telecom company over other providers. 

A Zendesk survey revealed that nearly three out of five consumers say good customer service is vital to feeling loyalty toward a brand. And according to HubSpot, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service. 

Consumers today seek digital customer experiences to meet their needs, meaning they’re looking online to find support when they need it. So, to avoid losing customers due to poor service, telecom companies need a seamless approach to delivering an excellent customer experience – starting with FAQ videos.

According to HubSpot, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.

Why Do Telecom Companies Need FAQ Videos?  

It’s no secret that video marketing is incredibly effective. Strategic video content can engage audiences, generate quality traffic and drive sales. 

It can also help improve the digital customer experience. 

More and more consumers are turning to online resources for support. They’re no longer willing to wait on hold to speak to a customer service representative. Instead, they want immediate answers to their problems they can find themselves. 79.1% of consumers are likely to view a customer self-service page online when they need support. 

Your telecom company probably already knows this. So, you’ve invested in creating an in-depth self-service FAQ page filled with chunks of information. But no one reads it. 

Remember: your customers don't want to wait on hold, and they don't want to sort through pages of text.

They want quick and easy answers. They want video.

Upgrading your call center and FAQ pages from text to video will elevate your customer experience and build customer loyalty. 

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Telecom Companies Need FAQ Videos Like Yesterday:  

1. Enhance the Customer Experience

Delivering unmatched customer support is vital to providing an excellent customer experience. Leveraging video as part of your strategy will help you achieve this goal. 

57.5% of consumers prefer using video to solve their problems because it's easier.

We know that customers want quick answers and easy solutions. FAQ videos recorded by real people have the power to communicate important information, like product help, in a way that’s digestible and engaging. 

Replace long blocks of text explaining how to fix a product issue with a short video by a real customer service rep talking through the process. 

A video library answering frequently asked questions on your website can help your customers find answers easily and reduce frustration with long wait times. In fact, 70.4% of consumers say having videos on a FAQ page will improve their experiences with a brand. 

FAQ videos are convenient and engaging and get right to the point, which makes for an excellent customer experience. 57.5% of consumers prefer using video to solve their problems because it’s easier. Telecom companies that upgrade their customer service with FAQ videos will find reduced customer frustration and improved loyalty. 

2. Reduce Costly Support Fees

Leveraging FAQ videos and self-service portals on your website gives your customers the resources they need to resolve problems themselves. This means they’re less likely to call your call center with issues. In fact, 49% of marketers say video has helped them reduce support calls. 

What does this mean for your telecom company? 

Saved resources. 

When customers find informative videos on your website, your call center volume will decrease, and your support staff will free up. It’s simple. Empower your customers to find the support they need online, and your telecom company will save money on the costly fees it takes to resolve problems over the phone. 

Not only will this help your bottom line, but it will also contribute to delivering a seamless experience your customers will appreciate. 

3. Educate and Engage Customers

FAQ videos on your website will do wonders for your customer experience. But did you know it will simultaneously increase customer engagement? 

Video is proven to be more engaging and digestible than traditional text-based content. Which leads consumers to be more likely to interact with video content. 

Video keeps people engaged longer and has the power to make complex information easier to understand. 23% of marketers say video helped increase understanding of their product or service.

So, telecoms who leverage FAQ videos will not only increase their engagement but also simplify information, making their customers’ experiences better.

Create FAQ Videos with StoryTap Today 

Your telecom company needs video to improve your customer experience and build long-lasting customer loyalty. Creating FAQ videos is a simple process when you use StoryTap! 

Our video platform makes it easy to create hundreds or even thousands of videos recorded by your real staff to answer frequently asked questions. Our Video Answers product allows telecom companies to produce and distribute the videos directly to their website so customers can quickly find the answers they need when they need it. 

Brands like TELUS have seen massive success using StoryTap videos on their website, including improved cx and reduced call center volume. 

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