Boost Your Customer Videos With New TikTok Promote Features

TikTok Offers More Ways to Boost Organic Content With New Promote Features 

In February 2023, TikTok announced it added four new features to its in-app advertising tool, Promote.

Initially launched in 2021, Promote lets businesses and content creators boost their organic videos by turning them into ads. The original TikTok Promote features allowed brands to optimize their videos with three goals:

Now, brands can optimize their videos with four new goals, including: 

Profile Views:  Brands can drive traffic to their TikTok profiles via a new call to action button on their promoted videos. This is ideal for brands who want help telling their story or showcasing products or services. 

More Messages: Brands can drive traffic directly to their TikTok inboxes. This is ideal for small businesses relying on customer interactions to make sales—for example, brands that take custom orders, B2B brands and more. 

Boosting Creator Content: Brands can promote creators’ videos to help increase the views from their target audience. This is ideal for brands that work with content creators who make videos about their products or services. 

Location Targeting: TikTok expanded the audience targeting for Promote to include location, age, gender and interests. This is ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses that want to target their local community. 

Boost Your Customer Videos With the New TikTok Promote Features 

The new features offer exciting ways to get the most out of your customer videos!

Using our TikTok integration, you can upload videos from your video library directly to the TikTok app. Then use Promote to drive reach and discoverability of your customer videos by turning them into ads. 

With the new Promote features on TikTok, you can use your videos to guide users back to your profile, spark deeper engagement with your audience and get in front of the right viewers.

Repurposing your customer videos into ads brings new ways to reuse your content efficiently. For example, you can post fresh content daily without creating new videos each time. In addition, sharing your customer videos with TikTok will help get your content in front of the new generation of consumers, Gen Z. 

Check out our tips for using TikTok as a search engine and how to successfully market to Gen Z with video. 

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