Streamline Your Video Experience With Screen Recording

Take your video experience to the next level with StoryTap’s screen recording feature. 


StoryTap’s Video Answers product lets brands produce answers to common customer questions on video using our guided recording experience. 

Now we’ve added a new feature that lets users share their screen while recording a Video Answer. 

How Does it Work? 

When you enable screen sharing, you can record a tab, window or entire screen to better answer questions on video. 

Get Started in 4 Steps: 


Start screen sharing in 4 steps: 1. Go to StoryTap's recording experience. 2. Toggle camera settings and enable screen share. 3. Select the screen you want to share. 4. Record your video and submit the answer.


For an optimal recording experience, you can hide or display your face while sharing your screen.

Additionally, you can record a video with multiple prompts and choose to screen record for only half of the video. 


Why Should I Record a Screen Share? 

The screen recording feature enriches the end-user experience by adding more context and details to your Video Answers, so you can better communicate with your customers. 

It also eliminates having to send files or documents back and forth. 

Instead, you can give your customers all the information they need in one video, saving you time and optimizing productivity. 


What Can I Use Screen Recording For? 

The capabilities are unlimited. 

So far, our customers use it for these recording functions: how-to videos, employee training video, product demos, resolving support issues & more!


Get Started Today With StoryTap 

Streamline your video experience! Take advantage of our new feature to enhance your videos and give your customers detailed answers. 

Do you want to know more about how it works? Chat with our team today. 

StoryTap’s data-driven video platform makes it easy to produce authentic videos from real people at scale. Use our technology to produce, curate and distribute hundreds or even thousands of videos. 

For more product updates, check out our latest blog: How to do more with video using StoryTap’s TikTok integration. 


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