7 Strategies to Grow Your eCommerce Store With Video Reviews

Video reviews are the new way to shop online. 

Shoppers today aren’t reading to learn about new products. Instead, they’re turning to videos to get their information. 81% of people prefer to watch a video review over reading a text review. 

Any eCommerce store looking to drive conversions knows they need more than written reviews to entice shoppers. They need video reviews by real people (AKA UGC videos). 

For one, video is more engaging than text. It’s highly entertaining and digestible compared to traditional text reviews. Video reviews are also more trustworthy, too. They double as authentic social proof that resonates with shoppers. 

But it takes more than just producing UGC video reviews to see an impact on your business. You need a strategy for how you ask and use video reviews to grow your eCommerce store.


Here are 7 Strategies to Grow Your Online Store with Video Reviews:

7 Strategies
 to Grow Your 
Online Store With 
Video Reviews


1. Ask Your Customers

To get truly authentic video reviews, you need to tap into the source – your loyal customers! This is the time to sort through your email list and find repeat shoppers. Send them a personalized email and incentivize them to record a video. 

Your shoppers will appreciate seeing real reviews by others who’ve purchased and used the product. Customer video reviews give your shoppers the confidence they need to take action.

For tips, check out how to get customers talking about your brand and how to collect UGC with email.


2. Keep Videos Short

Short-form video is the way to go in 2023. Think about the videos that go viral on social media. Typically, they’re created by real people and last just under a minute long. 

While capturing attention with video is easy,  holding it is tricky. To keep your shoppers invested, ask your customers to keep their reviews short. Most video marketers claim the optimal length for short-form video is between 31-60 seconds long.

According to marketers, the optimal length for short-form video is between 31-60 seconds long.


3. Use Videos on Your Product Pages

So, what’s the best way to show customer reviews on your website? Choose the correct pages. Your product pages are ideal for showing off your glowing video reviews. For best results, pay attention to where you place them on the page.

Place an icon for videos up top so shoppers can easily navigate to your video reviews. The easier it is to find your videos, the better chances of them leaving a positive impression on site visitors.


4. Share Video Reviews on Social Media

Once you produce customer video reviews, you can use the content on your social accounts. UGC videos are like gold in 2023. So make the most of your content by repurposing your videos on platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok.

An excellent strategy to drive traffic to your site is by turning your video reviews shoppable. Custom CTAs on your videos allow you to direct anyone watching to buy on your product pages.


shoppable video reviews


5. Leverage Video Analytics

To see the impact on your business, track your video reviews’ performance. Dive into video analytics to understand how shoppers interact with your videos and how you can improve. 

Remember when we said to pay attention to page placement? Scroll into view is a video metric that will help determine if web visitors see the reviews on your PDPs. Consider moving the videos higher on the page if the metric is low. Tracking and analyzing video analytics will help you drive better ROI and grow your eCommerce store.


6. Pair Video Reviews With Text Reviews

It’s likely you already have customer reviews on your website. To drive the most growth for your online store, consider combining text and video reviews on your product pages. 

What are the benefits of having both? Video reviews overcome the stigma of fake text reviews. They’re highly trustworthy to shoppers because they can see and hear reviews directly from real customers’ mouths. 

Video reviews are also more engaging than text and are better at grabbing and keeping customer attention. Having both on your website helps strengthen your positive reviews and boosts shoppers confidence in your products.


video reviews with text reviews


7. Automate Your Ask

To drive true growth for your online store, you need to produce ongoing video reviews your shoppers can binge-watch. We mean as many videos as you can get. 

Producing hundreds or thousands of authentic videos requires more than one-off emails. You need to automate your asks with crafted messages that get your customers to actually record a video. Video technology can help you do that.

Investing in automating your video reviews will help your business grow without putting extra work on your teams. Once you’ve seen the impact video reviews can have on your eCommerce store, you’ll be happy you did.


Grow Your eCommerce Store With Video Reviews

In 2023, you need authentic UGC video reviews on your website. Applying the strategies in this article will help you grow your online store and build trust with your shoppers. 

Investing in a video review platform will help you grow faster. 

StoryTap is the leading eCommerce video platform that automates the production and distribution of binge-worthy UGC video reviews, video FAQs, Shop the Look influencer videos are more. 

The platform taps into the voices of real people to produce videos that build trust and drive conversion. With a single line of code, you can seamlessly embed videos onto your website without affecting load time. 

The video platform has advanced analytics and custom reporting dashboards to track and analyze video performance. The platform also features integrations with social media, like YouTube and TikTok, to make repurposing content easy. 

Brands that work with StoryTap see an average +40% increase in site conversions among video viewers. 

Book a demo today and see how StoryTap can help grow your eCommerce store.

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