Get Ready for Q4 Sales With Video Review Technology That Drives Conversion

The busiest quarter for online sellers is right around the corner.

Ahead of the Q4 sales period, eCommerce brands everywhere are gearing up for the biggest selling time of the year. 

For most, that means stocking up on products, refining their Amazon sales strategy, and improving their online presence to take advantage of increased website traffic.

For many brands, Q4 is the golden quarter for their sales team, making it the most profitable and crucial time of year. 

And it kicks off with Black Friday – the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season. As a result, brands start planning well in advance.

Yet, amidst the preparation, one strategy is often overlooked: investing in video review technology. 

With video review tech like StoryTap, you have the power to automate customer videos, like video reviews and video FAQs, driving more conversions during the most lucrative spending season of the year.


Why Invest in Video Review Technology?

Simply put: shoppers today are watching, not reading.

In fact, 73% of people prefer to watch a video to learn about a product, compared to 11% who prefer to read. 

And not surprisingly, 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy.

In a time where shoppers are watching more than ever, video review tech can be a game changer for your business and help you drive conversion during the Q4 sales period. 

shoppers today are watching, not reading.

But the power of video goes deeper than producing just any video content. 

Customer videos are the secret to increasing online sales– especially during Q4. 

Customer videos help build trust with shoppers, eliminate buying barriers and give them the confidence to purchase. 

With video review technology in your back pocket, your brand will be ready to tackle the Q4 selling season. 


Here are 4 Ways Video Review Technology Will Get You Ready for Q4:


4 Ways Video Tech Will Get You Ready for Q4


1. Automate Customer Videos

The biggest barrier to producing video is the cost and time it takes. 25% of brands say they avoid producing video because it’s too expensive, and 35% because it’s too time-consuming.

That’s where video review tech comes in handy. 

StoryTap is an end-to-end video platform that automates customer-powered video reviews, helping eCommerce brands sell more faster. 

The technology automates the entire process, from sourcing videos from real people to distributing them on your website and analyzing video performance – all at a lower cost.

The time constraints of video and the hefty price tag are eliminated with video review technology. 

So you can produce thousands of videos that help shoppers make purchase decisions quickly. 


2. Improve Visibility on Search Engines

SEO is essential year-round, but especially during the Q4 sales period. After all, better visibility on your brand and product pages means more traffic to your website. 

Video SEO can be a big task for many brands and difficult to get right.

StoryTap customer videos are automatically optimized for video SEO with metadata to improve search rankings and visibility. All while driving a call to action back to your product pages. 

So you get the benefits of video SEO without doing any additional work.


3. Optimize Product Detail Pages (PDP)

It’s one thing to drive traffic to your website. It’s another to have a website worth visiting, and product pages are arguably the most important. 

PDPs are where shoppers learn about new products, reference customer reviews and decide whether or not to buy. So optimizing them with valuable content, like video reviews, is essential to driving conversion.

2023 data shows 75% of people say they’d buy more from a website with video reviews on their product pages.

StoryTap’s video review technology does the optimization process for you. 

The tech seamlessly embeds customer videos on PDPs with a single line of code.  So your product pages are easily optimized without putting more work on your dev team during the busy Q4 sales season.


75% of people say they’d buy more from a website with video reviews on their product pages.


4. Eliminate Barriers and Drive Conversion

While online shopping is undeniably convenient, it comes with some buying barriers.

For example, some shoppers hesitate to check out if they don’t have enough information about the product or brand they want to buy from. This could include sizing info, shipping options, ingredient lists and more. 

Customer videos work to eliminate these barriers and drive conversion. 

In fact, 64.5% of consumers say watching video FAQs would improve their online shopping experience.

Customer video reviews help build trust in shoppers by providing genuine social proof from real people. 

While video FAQs deliver essential product and brand info that helps shoppers feel more confident buying. 

With customer videos on your website, you’re likelier to remove buying barriers and bring shoppers closer to taking action. And the best part is video review technology automates it all for you. 


Get Ready for Q4 Sales With StoryTap

The Q4 sales period will be here faster than you think. 

Prepare your brand to get the most out of the year’s busiest shopping season by investing in  StoryTap’s video review technology by the end of summer 2023. 

With video review tech, you will automate customer videos, boost visibility in search, optimize product pages and drive conversions.

StoryTap’s technology is conversion-focused and has advanced video analytics, enabling accurate optimization and maximum performance. 

Embracing video review tech is the key to elevating the shopping experience and securing a successful Q4 selling period. 

Book a demo with StoryTap today to get started with video review technology. 


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